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Message from the Director

Osamu Tsutsumi, M. D., Ph. D.
Sanno Hospital

We will provide excellent amenity,
patient-oriented medical care, and warm services.

Sanno Hospital has made history as a pioneering private hospital with an open-minded atmosphere, which has been providing reassuring and compassionate care since its foundation in 1937. With the tremendous support and generous understanding of the parties concerned, we have been able to carve out a history of more than 75 years.
Over these years, we relocated twice and sought to upgrade our medical services by introducing cutting-edge medical equipment and establishing several new clinical departments, including the Center for Human Reproduction & Gynecologic Endoscopy. And, as we faced physical limitations to the introduction of equipment and facilities for the attraction of talented physicians and adaptation to the sophistication and modernization of medical services, we relocated to the current site and built a new hospital in November 2000. Sanno Hospital, recognized as a respected maternity hospital, has now established a reputation as a well-balanced polyclinic hospital.
As a hospital responsible for medical services in the 21st century, we have sophisticated medical equipment and facilities as well as excellent amenities. We have sought to speed up medical tests while enhancing their reliability, and also increased the number of operating rooms to handle a variety of operations by multiple clinical departments, including endoscopy and laparoscopy. Each department has quality and a well-balanced team of doctors, and all hospital staff members are committed to the compassionate and cordial care of patients.
With the rapid aging population, and the dwindling birthrate continuing in Japan, the disease structure of Japanese people is expected to see further changes going forward. In such an era, we at Sanno Hospital will continue to provide highly advanced medical services underpinned by specialized expert knowledge and a patient-oriented stance, and we will aspire to continue to stay as a trusted and comforting clinical partner of patients. It is always your support that propels our endeavor. With all the staff members working together more than ever, we are resolved to provide satisfactory medical services to our patients. Thank you very much for your continued understanding, cooperation, and encouragement.