Outpatient Visits

Procedure for a visit

Please call to make an appointment.
Call 03-3402-3150 Mon - Sat 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, except national holidays
To reschedule your appointment, call Mon – Sat 3 to 5 pm, except national holidays.

Reception hours

8:30 to 11:30 am
1 to 4:30 pm

Mon- Sat, except holidays

First-time patients

Please come to the reception on the 2nd floor (the new building of Sanno Hospital) and tell the receptionist that it is your first visit. He/she will give you a Registration form and medical questionnaire, so please fill them out and return them to the reception desk.
A medical chart will be prepared and hospital ID card and “Patient folder” (yellow file) will be given to you.

If you don’t have Japanese Health Insurance coverage

  • Please pay a deposit of ¥30,000 on registration (in cash or by credit/debit card). After the consultation, if the actual cost is less than ¥30,000, we’ll return the deposit and ask you to pay the actual cost. If more than ¥30,000, please pay the balance.
  • We charge ¥20 per 1 National Health Insurance (NHI) point to a patient without Japanese health insurance.
  • We do not do Direct Billing to any Insurance companies.

What to bring

First-time visit to Sanno Birth Center, Sanno Hospital, Sanno Medical Center

  • A photo ID
  • Health insurance card (incl. certificate of medical subsidies (for infants, children, etc.) and beneficiary certificate)
  • Referral (medical information/data), if you have one
    A referral is not essential and no additional “First Visit Consultation Fee” required at Sanno Birth Center.

Visit from the 2nd time

  • Hospital ID Card *Carry every time. If forgotten or lost, card replacement fee ¥220 applies
  • Health insurance card (incl. certificate of medical subsidies (for infants, children, etc.) and beneficiary certificate)
    We check its validity every month. If any changes, inform a receptionist. Without presentation, all the cost shall be out-of-your-pocket expense.
  • Appointment slip, if you have one
  • Instructions for Examination, if you have one

International visitors who do not live in Japan

To all international patients who do not hold valid Japanese health insurance and live in outside of Japan, we request that you need to contact with medical coordinating company authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan before visiting our hospital.

We only accept your consultation through some contracting companies with us. Please see the list below, and choose one for your visit.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Consultation hours

  • Please complete registration in reception hours.
Morning 9 am to 12 noon
Afternoon 1 to 5 pm

Mon-Sat, except holidays
Some doctors may start their consultation at a different time.
Closed on Sundays, national holidays and New year
There may be a sudden cancellation of consultations. Please call to confirm.

Flow of your hospital visit

  1. Check-in at the Reception desk on the 2nd floor (new building of Sanno Hospital) and after you receive your “Patient folder” (yellow file), wait in the waiting area until called.

  2. When called, follow your doctor/nurse’s instruction to have consultation/examinations carrying “Patient folder” (yellow file).

  3. After completing all consultations and examinations, submit “Patient folder” to the Cashier desk.
    If you have medicine prescribed, you see number printed on the right end of your receipt.
    Please pick up the medicine at the pharmacy after you see your number on the screen near pharmacy.

  4. You have finished your consultation. Please take care on your way back.