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Health Evaluation and Promotion Center

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Health Evaluation and Promotion Center

The Health Evaluation and Promotion Center, headed by Dr. Tetsuo Morishita, the director of the Sanno Medical Center, is the complete medical checkup center used by 20,000 people each year. With the state-of-the-art medical equipment, experienced specialists make comprehensive diagnoses and determinations based on test data, and provide adequate advice on health management for building and maintaining healthy bodies. When secondary tests and treatment become necessary as a result of checkup, specialists from various clinical departments diagnose and treat patients in a responsible manner.

Providing arrange of Checkups designed to make your Healthy Life a Reality
We provide 7 one day courses and 4 multi day courses.

One Day Course

  1. One-day Standard Course
    In this course, all basic examinations can be completed in about half a day. It is possible to make the medical checkup more satisfactory by adding optional tests.
  2. One-day Special Course
    In addition to the standard course menu, the special course adds cardiac ultrasound and blood pressure pulse wave tests as well as CT of the chest and abdomen, and endoscopic tests of the stomach to enrich the menu of test items related to circulatory and respiratory diseases.
  3. Brain Checkup Course
    On top of the menu of the standard course, this course adds MRI and MRA of the head, ultrasound test of the head and consultation by the Neurology doctor.
  4. One-day + PET-CT Course (two days)
    This course combines one-day standard course and the PET- CT course, that is effective in detecting thyroid gland cancer, breast cancer, pancreas cancer, ovary cancer and cancer of the corpus uteri. Tests in this course require two days, but overnight stay is not needed as 2 courses are conducted on different days.
  5. PET-CT Course
    This is the course for those who underwent complete medical checkups recently, but also wish to receive PET-CT tests.
  6. Premium Brain Checkup
    This is the course that combines an evaluation of images of the brain and cerebral blood vessels taken by 3.0 tesla MRI and a neuro test of the whole body. This is the most suitable course for those who would like to consult with doctors over stroke, dementia, and other diseases, and seek advice from specialists.
  7. Premium Checkup for Women
    This course offers medical checkups for women for tests for uterus cancer, breast cancer, and osteoporosis. Specialist doctors offer meticulous diagnoses in accordance with the conditions of individual women.

Multi Day Course

Please enjoy a relaxing in the private hospital room provided for your checkup.
  1. Two-day Standard Course
    This course adds a test of signs of diabetes to the one-day special course for more precise tests with the addition of sugar tolerance testing.
  2. Two-day Special Course
    This course adds a colonoscopic test for an early detection of lower gastrointestinal tract diseases and CT of the pelvic portion to the menu of the two-day standard course.
  3. Three-day Course
    This course is the same with two-day special course, but it is conducted during 3 days.
  4. Two-day Standard plus PET-CT Course (take 3 days)
    This course adds to the two-day PET-CT course a colonoscopic examination, cardiac ultrasound and blood pressure pulse wave examinations and a load electrocardiogram.

Optional Tests

Following is also available. Please call the Health Evaluation and Promotion Center for details.
  • Heart and vascular option
  • Respiratory option
  • Nose and Throat option
  • Thyroid option
  • Urological and Prostatic option
  • Tumor marker set option
  • Metabolic option
  • Anti-aging option (varies by gender)

For any inquiry for medical checkups, please call Health Evaluation and Promotion Center at Sanno Medical Center.
Open Monday through Saturday, except national holidays (Inquiry: 9:00-17:00)
Phone 03-3402-2185ˇˇFax 03-3402-2186

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